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Buying Games Multiple Times

Money, money, money.

As I was looking through my game collection this week, I realised just how many games I have bought multiple times for various systems over the years. This number continued to increase as I thought back to how many games I had sold in the past, only to buy them again at a later date because I ended up regretting selling them in the first place.

The first game I had multiple copies of at the same time was Call of Duty 4. I had always been a big fan of the series so I bought this shortly after launch. When I first bought the game it was for the PC, as that was the only platform I had that it was released on. At the time I didn’t have an internet connection either, so I was completely oblivious to how popular the multiplayer was quickly becoming.

About a month after completing Call of Duty’s story on the PC, I got my first console of the current generation, a PS3, but because I still didn’t have broadband I didn’t see a need to buy another copy of Call of Duty 4, despite the sales assistant in the game store was saying I was crazy. Instead I brought home Ridge Racer 7, Resistance: Fall of Man and the frustration inducing Motorstorm. It was about three and a half months later that I finally took the plunge and got myself a broadband connection, and it was shortly after that I realised that Call of Duty had taken over the world of online gaming.

I was very fortunate when it came to finding friendly, sociable people to play with initially on the Playstation Network. Thanks to an online and Teletext based magazine called Gamecentral, which often posted messages sent by PSN and Xbox Live gamers looking for new friends to game with, I was able to quickly get some great gaming buddies. I noticed shortly after however that the majority of these people had been bit by the Call of Duty 4 bug; most were playing it very regularly, a few asked if I had it or if I was going to buy it for the PS3. These conversations peaked my interest as to what exactly I was missing out on, so a few weeks later a second copy of Call of Duty 4 found its way into my abode. Understandably, my online career didn’t start out too well. For example, I quite often found myself getting shot in the back shortly after discovering that there wasn’t any way to climb up a particular wall by someone who had probably known that for months. Over time I was able to improve though and found myself helping rather than hindering my teams, and shortly after my love of the Call of Duty multiplayer was cemented in place.

In April 2008 a third copy of Call of Duty 4 made it into my collection, this time on my newly purchased Xbox 360 as part of the bundle I bought, which also included Forza Motorsport 2 and Halo 3. Although I didn’t play this version as much as the PS3 one online, the 360’s achievement system motivated me to complete the campaign of veteran, which is something I’d never attempted to do before on any Call of Duty I’d played. The sense of pride that filled me as I dived out the plane after completing ‘Mile High Club’ on veteran made it all worthwhile. After this I was (somehow) able to refrain from buying multiple copies of the same game for over a year and a half.

In September 2009 though for reasons beyond my control my PS3 had to be sold. So that I could continue playing them, I decided to buy a few of my favourite games on the Xbox 360. These were Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and Call of Duty: World at War, further adding to the pile of games I had multiple copies of. This did bring the benefit of being able to play Fallout 3’s DLC though. At the time this was exclusive to the 360, so being able to play this was a positive in a generally negative situation. Since buying a new PS3 in mid-2010 the only game I’ve bought a second copy of is Modern Warfare 2; again another Call of Duty game. At this point we’re probably thinking the same thing: How come I’m not on Activision’s Christmas card list?

Just a few here... (My PS3 copies of Call of Duty 4 and World at War aren't included)

The PSN outage through April and May this year acted as a test of will for a good number of PS3 gamers. Browsing around a various internet forums at the time, I saw that a lot of people were considering buying second copies of their games for the Xbox 360 (and in some cases a 360 aswell) or PC to play them multiplayer. Whilst I’ll admit I did consider buying Black Ops again for my 360 I was able to quickly disregard the idea as a bad one. I’d put so much time into my PS3 version and I knew that once PSN was back online I would rarely play it on the 360 anymore. I was able to win that battle, at least.

In the past 12 months I’ve managed to stop myself spending any unnecessary money on games I already own (with the exception of Modern Warfare 2 mentioned above). I have bought new copies of two games which I have owned in the past, but traded in for store credit, namely Resident Evil 1 (via the PSN store) and Metal Gear Solid 2. Both are games that I had completed more times than I can ever begin to imagine, but still loved playing. I’m currently attempting to complete Resident Evil with Chris Redfield; an achievement that has eluded me all these years. You hear me Chris, I will get you out of that mansion alive one of these days!

So I’m curious to know, have you ever bought a second copy of a game you already own? Bought a new copy of a game you’ve regretted selling in the past? Have I been brainwashed into buying far too many Call of Duty games? Post below and thanks for reading!

For anyone who is interested in checking out Gamecentral, they can be found here.