Buying The ‘Other’ Console – A Quick Observation

Over the weekend one of the YouTube gaming commentators I am subscribed to, who up until now had been gaming solely on a PS3, uploaded a short video telling their subscribers that they’ve just bought an Xbox 360. After making this announcement they went on to say something that I just wanted to talk about quickly. This statement was: “Don’t worry guys, I’m still playing on my PS3. In fact, I was playing Call of Duty on my PS3 just before uploading this video”. While I can understand why they made comments like this — anyone who has an interest in gaming knows just how easily arguments can be sparked — I found it saddening that they felt they had to defend the decision to buy one of their first console’s ‘rivals’ to fellow internet users.

After watching this video, I started thinking about how unlikely it would be to hear someone talk about similar situations in a manner like this:

“Hey, I just bought a new Vauxhall!”

“Awesome, let’s go for a ride.”

“Sure. Don’t worry though, I still love my Ford. Why, just yesterday I took it to the car wash for a hot wax polish.”

“Umm… okay… nice.”

I, for one, would love to be around when that conversation took place.


About Stephan

Third-year chemistry undergraduate. I'm not sure why I did it to myself. :P

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