Musical Monday VII

Carrying more delays than an overstretched train network on a Friday afternoon, Musical Monday makes a return for its seventh episode this evening. This week’s post looks back at the series that I shared my first experience of the Xbox 360 with. It is also the series that has occupied the majority of my gaming time over the last few weeks as I play catch up on the story in preparation for the next addition to the series which hits the shelves early next month. All this is a particularly long-winded way of saying Halo.

I’m quite pleased with the speed that I have been bringing myself up-to-date with the goings on in the Halo universe. Normally when I buy a game everyone else who starts playing it around the same time as me finishes it long before I would ever do so myself. On my travels around WordPress this weekend I read a post where the author reminded me that Skyrim has been out for almost a year now – that I have had it for almost a year. Unless you looked through my questionably high number of backup saves you probably wouldn’t think so given the progress I have made. I love the game to pieces, but I’ve only racked up about 55 hours play time due to my inability this year to play any game continuously for an extended period of time. Halo has been different so far, I have completed Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and am currently working my way through Reach’s campaign. Once Halo 4 comes out I should have been successful in my mission to replace ‘bringing’ with ‘brought’ at the start of this paragraph, although if I do that I should probably get rid of the ‘have’ too. But anyway, let’s go find us some of that brilliant Halo music.

The first theme that I have chosen will almost certainly come as no surprise. The main theme is up there with my favourites from Uncharted and Far Cry. Like those games’ menu themes it never fails to bring back memories and emotions felt through the story, and considering it was the first theme that I heard on my shiny new Xbox 360 four-and-a-half years ago it has a permanent place in my memories. The menu theme for Halo Reach has also had a similar effect on me. If I had to choose a favourite though I’d still go with the original theme.

The final theme this week tells you exactly what you’ll be doing during this brilliant piece of music. Titled ‘Warthog Run’ it helps to bring Halo 1 and 3 to a thrilling close during that frantic escape. Fora a few seconds in the middle it also manages to remind me of some of the music from the Playstation 3 game Warhawk, so it gets bonus points for that. I’d love to hear if it reminds you of Warhawk, or if I’m just being strange.

That’s all for this week’s Musical Monday. I’m certain you have enjoyed listening to these themes many times yourself, but it just doesn’t seem right to continue posting my favourite game soundtracks without including some of these fantastic pieces of music.

As always thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefields of Halo 4 next month.


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