Let’s catch up and make a trophy list

Today marks the beginning of the final holiday of the academic year. A welcome opportunity to take a breather from the piles of revision and call half-time on the exam season. What better time to flick on the lights here on the Formula Magician and bring my blog back to life once more. I hope no spiders have moved in since I last posted.

May has been a pretty good month for me so far. I was picked as the monthly interviewee for the monthly Subscriber/Staff Spotlight on X360A. I didn’t need to be asked twice, and quickly took the opportunity to pour my heart out, laying claim to the title of longest interview so far by quite some margin. May 14th was also my birthday (note to self: update about me page). My Dad bought me a Google Nexus 7, which I was delighted by. It’s already proved invaluable in my exam preparations, allowing me to access resources no matter where I am without needing the computer (a tech revolution for me, as I’ve never owned a laptop). I’ve also been quick to take the opportunity to add Broken Sword 1 and 2 Director’s Cuts to my gaming collection. I know; my gaming backlog is already a tear inducing length, but what harm will two more games do?

There is no doubt that the last few weeks have been full of all the fun that comes with exam season for all of my fellow A Level students. I hope everyone has done as well as they’d hoped they would. I am tempted to say the worst of it is behind me now, seeing as I’ve sat five of the seven exams I’ve had to look forward to. I hesitate to announce this though, because next Monday will see me entering the exam hall with a heart filled with dread, ready (maybe) to face the F212 biology exam. The sheer volume of information that you need to understood for this exam outweighs any of the other exams I’ve taken so far, and with the added spice that comes from how biology exam questions are worded, I know it’s going to be a very enjoyable 1 hour 45 minutes for everyone who has the privilege of taking it. Wish us all luck.

The half-term in my world usually brings with it a terribly high risk of procrastination setting in. It starts with my heart and mind full of tasks and activities I’d like to do, and ends with everything exactly how it started with me stood wondering where the time went. In an attempt to address this I’ve borrowed 95% of the PS3’s trophy system idea and have forged my very own half-term trophy list from the finest Valyrian steel. For some choices, it’s crucial that I complete them, such as my fundamental biology and chemistry revision, whilst others are less important, but undoubtedly more fun and quirky activities I’ve wanted to try (or get back to) for some time. I’m also proud to say that at least 20 minutes of creative thinking went into giving them vaguely interesting names. I will be happy to consider it a week well spent if I can complete the majority of the targets I’ve set myself.

That’s about all for now. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. I am planning on posting here quite a bit over the next week (at least I will if I want the trophy :)), but for now I’ll leave you with a piece of videogame music that I wish played in Rugby’s marketplace.

The Sky+ box has also been sent into overdrive, recording the five hours of The Middle that Sky have been kind enough to air this afternoon.

[Video credit: JaneDutohlav]


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