About Me

Meeee! + a bit of a Game of Thrones poster. 😀

Hello and welcome to the Formula Magician, my little piece of cyberspace. This is where I’ll come to post my ramblings on anything from gaming and books, to university talk and making it a home for any fiction I write. I’m currently in the process of reviving my blog from a length of dormancy with the help of Blogging U, so a lot of ideas are flying around inside my mind. Wish me luck and let me know what you think.

Beyond the veil between cyberspace and our world, I am currently a second year chemistry undergraduate. This quite happily helps itself to a sizable slice of my time, so writing, gaming and reading get to serve as my primary escapes when I manage to escape the watchful gaze of impending exams and deadlines. I’m also on the executive team for my university’s Harry Potter and Chemistry societies, and I help to moderate the forums and maintain the Maximum Clubs over on XboxAchievements.com.

The ‘currently’ list:
Playing: Overwatch (Xbox One) and Uncharted 4 (PS4)
Reading: Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

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