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I write because…

It's how Harry Potter does it! :)

It’s how Harry Potter does it! 🙂

I write because of the pure enjoyment that comes from just creating and spending time in other worlds, exploring places and ideas that would never be possible (or, at least, pretty darn difficult!) in our own realm of existence. Imagination can give the characters I have running around in my mind a name and a backstory. Most importantly of all, it can give them a home. From this point, and as you spend more time with them, you get to see how they develop; they do things you expected, and, quite often, things you would never thought they’d dare to do. They develop alongside the world you’re building (or building on), and eventually you realise there is never going to be an end to this development. You’re in a deep hole and the only way to go is down, deeper into their psyche to find what makes them tick. They will forever keep changing, just as we do ourselves, until our time has passed. Looking back on what has been created at this point makes the whole process truly magical, and being the huge Harry Potter fan that I am, a spot of magic is something truly worth aiming for in life. That is why I enjoy writing.

The first time I ever really remember voluntarily writing a creative piece at school came sometime between the ages of six and eight. It was a collaborative piece with one of my friends, which we gave the warm and fuzzy name of ‘Welcome to your Worst Nightmare’. I don’t remember a great deal about it, but that can possibly be attributed to there not really being much to remember. We had our characters — both heroes and villains — and we had our action set-pieces. Our characters had names, and they looked like whatever we drew them like on the front page. That was the depth of our character development, but we were happy, busy as we were throwing them into whatever trials and troubles that had sprung to mind just a few minutes prior, while our classmates drew or played Connect 4 during the wet breaks we had to stay indoors for. The characters probably weren’t so pleased about the arrangement we had in place, but that was their life; they had to do as we told them. I don’t think we ever finished the tale though, which is a shame.

Writing is something that I’ve always come back to every now and then throughout my life. I had a few more instances where a story I’d written at school had grabbed me and made me build and develop on it afterwards at home. I’ve taken part in two NaNoWriMos in the last three years, winning my second attempt with a total of just over 51,000 words. With the exception of my first NaNoWriMo attempt though, nothing else of my fiction has really found its way onto my blog, and that’s something that I’d like to change now. This is why I chose to join Writing 101 and Blogging 201 this month. I hope to bring this little place back to life and make some friends in the process as we share our passion for writing together.