Camp NaNoWriMo 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo winner 1

From July 1st I will be embarking upon my second attempt to write a 50,000 word novel with the help and motivation provided by NaNoWriMo. Throughout the month I will be keeping this page updated with my (hopefully positive) progress, so be sure to stop by every now and then to see how I’m doing. If you like the sound of this challenge, and would like to give it a try yourself, be sure to head on over to the Camp NaNoWriMo website to get yourself set up and ready for the big day.

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Name: A Nightly Wonder
Genre: Youth and Young Adult
Word goal: 50,000
Words per day needed to reach goal: 1,613

Novel synopsis

The upcoming October half term gives thirteen year old Lucy Robinson and her younger brother Connor a rare chance to have a whole family holiday with their mother who works for the Navy as a Communication Specialist. The excitement caused by this opportunity starts to cause some problems at school for Lucy and Connor as deadlines for work in the last week are missed and eagerness for school to finish begins to show. This turns out to just be the start of things to come though, and when they travel down to Plymouth to meet their mother for a week of relaxation and family enjoyment it becomes a more memorable experience than they ever could have imagined.

Word count milestones

10,000 words reached on 15th July at 4:18 PM
20,000 words reached on 19th July at 11:42 AM
25,000 words reached on 21st July at 4:20 PM
30,000 words reached on 24th July at 3:28 PM
40,000 words reached on 28th July at 9:40 AM
50,000 words reached and became Camp NaNoWriMo winner on 31st July at 1:34 AM

Daily totals:
July 1st: 0
July 2nd: 0
July 3rd: 0
July 4th: 0
July 5th: 0
July 6th: 0
July 7th: 1,044
July 8th: 0
July 9th: 0
July 10th: 1,813 (2,857)

Ten day average: 285.7 words per day

July 11th: 0
July 12th: 1,683 (4,540)
July 13th: 2,971 (7,511)
July 14th: 2,243 (9,754)
July 15th: 252 (10,006)
July 16th: 2,002 (12,008)
July 17th: 2,756 (14,764)
July 18th: 2,724 (17,488)
July 19th: 3,502 (20,990)
July 20th: 0 (20,990)

Ten day average: 1,813.3 words per day
Ten day word count 18,133

July 21st: 4,151 (25,141)
July 22nd: 0
July 23rd: 1,782 (26,923)
July 24th: 4,728 (31,651)
July 25th: 777 (32,428)
July 26th: 5,755 (38,183)
July 27th: 617 (38,800)
July 28th: 3,376 (42,176)
July 29th: 3,056 (45,232)
July 30th: 3,334 (48,566)

Ten day average: 2,757.6 words per day
Ten day word count: 27,576

The mad dash for victory
July 31st: 1,603 (50,169)


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